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Twelve Monthly Inspections 

During a twelve monthly inspection we will conduct the following services:


  • Wash down inner cabinet and base

  • Remove and clean the baffle at the rear of the chamber

  • Check seal around drip cups, sink and wastes

  • Check cable connection to glass sash

  • Wash glass sash

  • Lubricate sash track runners

  • Lubricate cable support pulleys

  • Inspect the sash mechanism for corrosion and damage

  • Check internal light fittings

  • Check service valves

  • Check spray jet performance in the fume cupboard and ducting

  • Check interior of ducting for blockage

  • Check exterior dispersal stacks

  • Check canvas connections, where installed

  • Check position of branch damper and mechanism

  • Inspect the fire damper

  • Inspect the fans, motors, drivers and bearings

  • Check the extract motors are running in the right direction, correct speed and absorbing the correct current

  • Check anti-vibration mounts and correct alignment of pulleys

  • Inspect fan impellers for wear and damage, where accessible

  • Check average face velocity across the sash opening

  • Check function of audio visual alarm

  • Check containment by use of a smoke pellet


A bespoke service is also available where any combination from the list may be selected to complement existing in-house service and maintenance procedures.